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25 minutes ago, Jermster_91 said:

Does anyone know if all the secrets have to be done in one playthrough or do you have to go back and do the entire thing again?


Playing it for the first time in years and back then, I could care less about the secrets but since it is tied to trophies, I got to eventually get them all.  


I don't think so. I think as long as they are all collected, it wouldn't matter too much, I may be wrong. I have heard from people that some secrets struggle to register properly or something so some people have had to go back and replay. I did plan to do a guide for all of the secrets but I don't want the guide to seem incorrect or people thinking they did something wrong.

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1 hour ago, Azulare said:

I know with the one that requires you to find 10 secrets didnt pop for me until I did them all on the same playthrough so its a possibility.

I unlocked the 10 secrets trophy yesterday. I definitely not looking forward to find all of the secrets.  

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(Sry for my long Text and bad English, I'm German lol)


So for anyone who might be still wondering about a few things as i did

- You can activate "No Clip" and "Godmode" Cheats throughout every Level and just zip yourself to all Secrets Level after Level but (!) there are few things you should consider:


1. Don't use the Warp Level Feature.

At least i didn't and i didn't know if you can or not and i couldn't find anything on the Internet either.

So don't. Just play Level after Level normally. 


2. Start a Fresh Playthrough. 


3. Always finish the Mission. 

This goes hand in hand with the first point. Tho you can mostly zip yourself straight to the End of the Level if you need to. 


4. Always turn off Cheats (no clip and godmode) before u collect any Secret, that's important!

It doesn't matter if you gave yourself a different Lightsaber Color or if you activated "Give all" because i did that often and i gave myself a Red Saber from Beginning to End and still got it. 


You should also save ur Game (with deactivated cheats) every Time before u collect any Secret and then go back to the Main Menu and load the Save again

--> Then collect the Secret.


So to compromise:

Start a fresh Playthrough, always finish the Mission, zap yourself to Secrets but always turn "NoClip" and "Godmode" off and then Save.

Back to Main Menu, load the Save and collect Secret :)

It sounds harder than it is. 


I saw a Video where the Guy didn't save nor went back to the Main Menu and still got the Trophy for all Secrets ? But i also of heard of people where that didn't work. 


Oh well i rather go the save method instead of playing multiple Times. 


Thx for coming to my Ted talk ??

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Abit of a Necro bump, 


But picked this up the other day and followed the trophy guide for hidden secrets.


About halfway thru I ran out of save file slots and deleted everything upto city yada yada. 

After that I saw in tips/trucks to keep every save file as it was needed to pop trophy



Just got the collectables ? 

Looks like they added a hidden save called (secrets)  and it updates Everytime ya get a secret location.


So anyone worrying about accidently deleteing 12 levels of saves. As long as ya don't delete profile/secrets ya should be fine 

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