Joker is such a sad movie

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I enjoyed it, but let's be frank as to watch the film actually is.

It was but a homage to a lot of Scorsese's filmography from back in the 1970s with the added superhero paint to make the film sell like hot cakes.

No one born in 1994 and onwards is going to appreciate Taxi Driver. The only way you'll sell a film like that today is through the superhero route.

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Kind of late to the party here but I went and saw it today and thought I would make post saying how much I really enjoyed it. I think what was really impressive about it was that it didn't really feel like a comic book movie and if you changed a couple names it could have completely been it's own thing. Joaquin Phoenix did really well and I would say he's certainly up there with the other live action Jokers (I don't really count Leto though).


I also really liked the dreary, uncomfortable tone of the movie especially when he's telling his jokes or trying to act happy or funny. The stand-up comedy scene in particular was really good for that reason. Then there's the part on the talk show where



he's clearly making the audience and that old lady guest uncomfortable. But the best part of that was obviously where Murray got what he fucking deserved!


Along with that I liked the twists where it turned out certain things were in his mind like him dating that girl from the other apartment or when he thinks the audience is laughing at his jokes at the stand-up scene. It really felt like it portrayed his mental illnesses really well and in a believable way.


But yeah, I really liked it and was glad to see it in theaters. It was certainly memorable and I think it would be cool if the other Batman antagonists got a similar movie treatment.


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you seriously want a sequel just to see a happy ending? cringe 🐒

happy endings are overused & unrelatable, which is why Joker is good and stands out


i loved the delusional plot twist, but not so much the ending that hints at the entire thing being in his head as just one of the "multiple choice" stories of his origin, as per the source material (Killing Joke comic)


i also heard that his right hand's actions represent Arthur while his left hand actions represent the Joker persona, which makes me wanna re-watch it


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