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The Impossible Lair (Last level) just feels cheap.

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On 15.11.2021 at 1:55 PM, sealightbreeze said:

Yeah. I found that out. Not bothering with it. I honestly don't have the time or patience for that


Thats what I should do too. This already caused more frustration than any other game I played in a long time. 30 attempts and I am still far from getting it done. Never again I'll purchase a game by Playtonic ? 

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The Impossible Lair (the level) is designed like Super Meat Boy or some of these games that require a lot of precision but it plays like the Impossible Lair (the game)


The flaws that were present in the base game - the floaty jumping, sliding off of platforms, the camera that does what it wants, the effects obscuring your vision are acceptable in short, low-stakes levels but magnified considerably here which makes for an extremely frustrating experience.


So yeah, cheap indeed. 

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After 9 attempts I have beaten this level with all 48 bee's. I kind of wish the golden tonic was a trophy. Would have been a decent challenge and put the rarity up on the game. Though, even the normal 48 bee's and 4 checkpoints is a little challenge itself. I do agree some parts are kind of cheap and are mainly them damn homing missiles, but most of it is decent platforming. The boss sections ain't random as some people have said. The patterns are the same. 


As someone who loves platformers and makes crazy Kaizo Mario Maker levels, this game was decent. It had a few things that annoyed me, but the visuals and soundtracks are really good. I might even attempt getting this golden tonic, just to challenge myself. :) 




This is the Kaizo Mario Maker stuff I build. ?



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