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What version to buy

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I plan on buying this game ob sale and i want to obtain 100% in the games trophies.

i saw there is already 1 set of dlc trophies out

Now is my question are they for the first dlc in the season pass or are they trophies to the mission in the delixe edition and the first season pass dlc does not have any trophies?

you guys think all season pass dlc will have trophies or is the deluxe edition enough?

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It doesn't matter if you buy the Season Pass separately or as part of one of the bundles, you will still get the same content regardless. Also, we won't know which DLCs have trophies until they're all released. Just so you know, the current Season Pass is the first of several that the devs have planned to release over the next year or so. The only DLC that currently has trophies, is Terror Lab and the next one is due by the end of April but do note that this DLC has bugged the Hoarder trophy so it's impossible to get so don't download the DLC until the devs release a fix for it - which should be with the next update.

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I bought the Super Deluxe Edition but that doesn't cover Season 2 DLC content (Damnation Valley) that just came out today or any other upcoming content down the road. What a bunch of crap. In order to get the 100% you have to buy the season 2 season pass for $35 or $7 if you buy the level by itself. 

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I already mentioned in another post wait for a complete edition of this game this is bullshit.  Had I know I would need a season 2 pass I'd not bought the season pass for the 1st season.  I know now to not buy Rebellion games at release anymore I will wait a year or two as I did with all the other ones.  I say this because they are likely to follow this same formula awhile.

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