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Thanks @Bizzy_Montana_,


I started this game in April 2019, and left it for a while due to server issues, the lack of motivation for 500 Arkashan games, etc.

I did Svandia by 'rubberbanding'


I have recently discovered a way to make Arkashan games easier/more bearable (for myself at least) - but still requires a second account.

I have been playing Arkashan Novice 4v4, my alt on the HOME team and Main account on the AWAY team, then just let the game go, if you really want you can just leave the game and the bots should do the work for you, even winning the game.


You can jump in when the forcefields are down, you can easily take out one tower and then work on the core. This method I'm getting wins in around 4/5 minutes with little effort

(Via remote play on PC whilst I do other things).


Hope this helps someone somewhere....



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Alright so I played alot of this yesterday and I'll share my findings to help with tips.


First off I noticed I was able to play as all released characters out of the gate with no purchasing required (on my main and alt account) while they still show up as purchase them in store, so I think the devs put them all on some sort of perma-free rotation till closure.


Next you only need to be Rank 5 to make a club not join one, as soon as your alts complete the tutorial they can search for the club your main made and request to join it.


When doing the club win trophy both you and your alt must be on the same team and that team can only be comprised of just your club. Easiest way to get this is a 2v2 on Svandia against bots. The bots will typically chase whoever they see first you can use this to your advantage with an assault rifle or sniper rifle to bait them then fire at them. I usually like to place my alt on the home side top left corner of map so if they have superstar and for some reason bit ain't dead you can easily control them last few seconds to grab the point and win. (Bots will never go for middle point with superstar.) Saga is best as you can bait AI enemies into her mine easily and it does massive damage. (fully upgraded two mines on top of each other can usually instant kill most other Clones)


For boosting the 500 wins trophies I will say now it is so much faster to complete if one actually plays the matches even doing only a 1v1 boost with two consoles/systems. Yes it may be repetitive and boring there's no getting by that but if a possibly 200-300+ grind doing an afk rubber band isn't your jam. This will make it go faster.


For Svandia you will want to do a 1v1 against your alt in custom. To kill them the quickest I recommend using Junko and take Dual Daggers, Saga is great for mobility but Junko's Daggers are arguably the strongest melee weapon in the game. When you start buy her weapon then the first two weapon mods on the top row these will give her buffs that will make her daggers able to slice through any clone in a few hits (the first mod alone gives a passive bonus increase to damage for every hit this damage outspeeds Saga's fists and hits for every attack). Now to speed this up further focus all your skill points into her Dodge skill when possible. Here's a tip about Svandia you can actually Dodge outside the start area despite not being able to move. So you can spam the Dodge skill in pre-round every round to move your character out from base. This is important as it will help you get a small head start to run across the map. In most cases I was able to finish a round as soon as it started in no more then 15 seconds typically. Boosting a match this way optimally will take about 4-5 minutes with all load times if your quick on setups.


For Arkashan set up the match as 3v3 on Arkashan Novice as suggested above. Take Saga but buy her Hamme not her fists and only use gold earned to buy the Raw Damage Upgrades first (first column). Take her boost as her first skill then whenever you level always prioritize her boost skill. Have her at your portal by base before the match starts so you have a head start on the bots. Boost/Run through the portal and head right to the next portal and through it. This will take you up to the enemy capture point. Capture it you should always be able to solo capture it before the bots even make it there. If you wait a moment here if playing against AI one bot will always come stop there kill them for easy gold should take only 3-4 swings of the hammer. Now go for the middle capture point and cap it. With those two capped now capture the bottom gold point then the top gold point (gold points give you a big boost to passive gold gain allowing you buy more upgrades). Inbetween all this if doing only a two console boost make sure to keep track of enemy bots and use your mine skills to block off entry ways to nodes (when bots take damage from these mines they will retreat and try to recover HP for a time letting your points stay controlled and their shield go down faster). Keep doing this for a while and when the enemy shield is at 15-20% go back and buy your all specified upgrades I mentioned earlier for the Hammer if you haven't yet if you have extra gold after buying all the raw damage upgrades take only weapon mods from the bottom row. Then get ready to storm their base. You can choose to destory their towers if you want (will take about 5-6 swings depending on your upgrades) or go directly for their core. Going for their core you will see why the Hammer is so strong, depending on the amount of damage upgrades you earned, you will deal easily over 200 almost 300 on max upgrades per swing with no need to stop, it's incredibly useful for killing enemy AI or pelting down the base because the raw damage upgrades on the hammer are among the cheapest of almost all weapons in the game. The bottom row mods also are unique as a couple of them actually proc on hit to the opponent's base unlike most melee mods which work on clones only. If using her mine and her Ult (if you have it by this time) you can choke out the enemy staircase as the AI will run into it and run back to heal allowing you to focus on attacking the core. Doing this strat usually can average about a match lasting about 5-7 minutes depending on load times and optimization. (Typically for me shield goes down at around 3 mins 30 seconds of in-game match time solo doing this with a partner and both attacking is even quicker two of us both using hammers could end a match at 2:40 even.)


Not a tip but a life line for these things. I usually to keep myself sane during these grinds like this play music to jam too while the game is muted or listen podcasts/Netflix/YouTube stuff I've watched before lots. (Thank God for Family Guy last night). Just having the minor audio distraction usually helps takes your mind of the repetition I find.


This can be combined with of course to the rubber banding/afk method above of course so you can take advantage of doing the quicker grind when you have time to spare or doing the other when you want to focus on other things. I just wanted to post this currently to show that if you put some time into actually playing the game it's possible to bring this down even to a 100-120hr completion a lower time is even possibly in the sub 70-80hr range of everything is done optimally especially against a team full of alts. Making it more more obtainable in the last week or two.



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Another helpful tip, besides them activating all characters for play.



The Roleplaying Trophy can be gotten easily with only two human players on the 4v4. Because basically you can force the Bots to switch characters. The bots will never lock-in, so when you choose the character you see them highlighting in a few seconds you will see them select a different character you can repeat this process as much you want during the character select to force the Bots to take all characters from the top row. This will make the trophy immensely easier for people who can't gather together 4 human players or 4 consoles. Also do note all characters must be on the same team as the player(s) trying to earn the trophy for it.


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I've updated my and rewrote with a quicker way to complete Arkashan since many people got hit with that win reset recently. Using only the Hammer on Saga is the best damage output for a quick win and every match should be finished with at least 4/5 (5/5 plus first mod if playing against AI opponents and gain kills) if the damage upgrades on it if done optimally.

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