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hello i wanna meet new people preferrably rp-ers!


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hello if you are here that means either

1. you are an rp-er(roleplayer)

2. wanna meet new peopl

well if eithers the case, i am relativley new and LOVE to RP. RP-ing is basically like acting with words, its fun really here's an example 

EX: -My eye's narrow as he smile's innocently, not once buying his act- what are you really here for?

other person: - i chuckle at his insecurity- nothing, just wandering around:

see that is what an rp is, now my usuall RP type of character is a werewolf named Noah Lov his attitude is usually rude, mean and agressive, untrusting

now if you wanna rp with me message me and or add me on my ps3 at irwin12345

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We should make love on a bed of nails, first I just need to put on 300lbs and make sure I'm on top, watching you slowly bleed to death will be magnificent, I love you Irwin, forever.

That being said we're just mildly obsessive trophy hunters here, psnprofiles doesn't really shout role player mecca you know? ;) well good luck finding someone.  

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