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Erebonian Wildlife trophy glitch?

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I dont miss anyone but my trophy didnt popped???


I mean i cross check with trophy guide they are all show up properly...


Only thing suspicious for me is Arseid info that has no elemental weakness info and unbalance info... could this be the cause as all other monster has these info? But i was pretty sure i scan him right away... I am on NG+ so it is not too bad but it will be great to know which to pay attention. :(

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I am having this issue, and I actually can't find anything I am missing. Went though all 197, there are no question marks anywhere. I am in chapter 6 of NG+ and really don't want to have to play through again just to scan all enemies in the hope it'll pop. Ugh.

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I had this problem as well, but discovered that every enemy needs to have been fully unlocked.


As already pointed out above, you need the following revealed 

-all item drops 

-all elemental weaknesses

-all enemy descriptions 

-unbalance efficiency 


If even 1 line isn't fully filled out, then the trophy will not pop.

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Can someone confirm that NT-I, the little enemy that C spawns in during the Sachsen Iron Mine boss fight, also has unlocks? 

I’m on my second playthrough, have 197/197 enemies and no question marks anywhere except NT-I, who has question marks everywhere. I’m 100% sure I scanned it. Not to mention I killed at least a dozen of those little bastards.

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