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[imho] This remake is a masterpiece, but here's why I'm still a little sad (spoilers inside)


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39 minutes ago, Sinthoras_96 said:

I just completed this after previously replaying Mafia 2 in the definitive Edition. I never played the original Mafia. 


Compared to Mafia 2, this Remake of the first here is a worse game imho. 


The core gameplay mechanics are bad in comparison.

Driving feels very weird compared to Mafia 2. Cars are sliding around like crazy, everything feels so undynamic and unresponsive, reduced destruction of the cars.... 


Shooting is extremely unprecise and therefore not fun but annoying. Mafia 2 and also Mafia 3 are much better here. 

I heard that the developers did this on purpose because Tommy is just a Taxi Driver and no soldier like Vito or Lincoln. But that's just stupid. The shooting mechanics in a 3rd person shooter need to be good. Also there is one part in the story where Tommy even says something like "I'm your best shooter, that's why you ask me to do it" (sniper mission). 


Which leads me to the next point: The teammate AI is borderline useless. In the missions where you have a co-driver shooting enemy vehicles, they do absolutely 0 damage. It's just stupid when they keep shooting the same car for several minutes without any effects. I remember that mission in Mafia 2 where you pursuit someone with Joe and he completely destroys like 3 enemy cars with his Thompson. 


Everytime you die in combat, you have this annoying slow motion animation that you can't skip. 


Regarding the story, I felt more attached to Vito and Joe than to Tommy and his friends. Although I need to say that I really liked that epilogue cutscene. Still, I felt like the ending is kind of rushed. Until mission 18 everything is fine. Then they do this bankjob on their own and everything is fucked up. I also felt like the whole motivation for even doing the bankjob isn't that great. I get the reason but it just comes out of nowhere. All the missions before they were perfectly loyal and out of sudden they are like "we gonna do our own money now".

In Mafia 2 you have several missions where everything is slowly going down hill (although the cliffhanger ending wasn't that great). 


The music. When I think of Mafia 2 and 3 I have several songs coming to my mind from the ingame radio stations. After this remake there is only the Ave Maria song that stuck in my head. And I only heard this once during the creme de la creme mission. 


My ranking of the games on PS4 would be:


Mafia 2 DE

Mafia 3 DE

Mafia 1 DE

I kinda agree with most of the arguments, BUT shooting mechanics DON't necessarily need to be good. Look at the The Last of Us Series. Shooting Mechanics are WAY worse than they are in the Uncharted Series ON PURPOSE. It's literally the same here. Also driving is set to simulation on classic difficulty. Cars are still more controllable than in the original. If you play mafia 2 on simulation mode, it feels weird as well. I Agree with pretty much the rest, because they removed some important monologue in the remake which makes the character motivation more understandable. Soundtrack is in fact complete garbage compared to the original and mafia 2 probably even mafia 3. Long dying sequences are so little details that shouldn't be noted here.



13 minutes ago, Sikutai said:


With this ranking nobody here will take you seriously anymore.


In conclusion i have to agree with that because these arguments don't make mafia 1 DE a worse game than mafia 3 lmao. Mafia 3 is not crap but it's far from being a good mafia game.

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