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That Special Someone mission decision


That Special Someone decision  

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  1. 1. What did you do with Darko Brevic?

    • Killed him
    • Walked away and spared him

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In the mission, "That Special Someone," with the help of the United Liberty Paper contact and Jon Gravelli, Darko Brevic is captured. Darko was the guy that screwed over Niko's war squad (The Fifteen Man Squad, which included Florian Cravic (the gay guy known as Bernie Crane), Niko Bellic, Darko Brevic, and 12 other guys) when they were fighting in the Kosovo War (1998) for $1,000 to pay for his heroin addiction. Only Niko, Darko, and Florian survived.

For 10 years, Niko has been trying to hunt down Darko and Florian to discover who ratted him and his squad out and extract revenge. When at 1st Niko found Florian and thought he was the traitor, his conversion to homosexuality and as "Bernie Crane" proved him innocent. When Niko got the call from the ULP contact that they have Darko and that they'll drop him off at the airport, Niko and Roman head to the airport to confront him.

My question is: How did you decide Darko's fate? Spared him? or killed him?

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