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How difficult is the S rank on all missions ?

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Well you can platinum the game in 40hrs with prior knowledge but obviously you wont have that


For the S Ranks, some missions you CAN S rank and complete ALL tasks at once


For the others, its best wait for until you have the skull suit gear as they dont void S rank (though some sites say thwy do so be careful what you read), they will allow you to use armor/camo perks to get the S ranks easy


For the mission task, you can actually infinitely spawn the LIL CHICK HAT with an exploit which basically makes you almost INVINCIBLE/INVISIBLE. Yea it voids S rank, but those bigger levels that have lots of tricky tasks, it REALLY makes them easy


There are loads of little tricks to make levels easy, but I doubt you would find them ALL on 1 guide as I couldnt back then, I had to just play about myself quite a lot. 


You just wanna find a S Rank guide really and stick with it, preferably with ne which utilises the Skull Suit upgrades as they make S RANK MUCH EASIER!!! 

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Very easy. The time bonus is extremely generous and failed bonuses are a flat cost which means, provided that you don't get discovered and complete missions quickly without getting bogged down in optional objectives, you'll get an S rank most of the time without even trying. Even the tougher missions also have ridiculous cheeses or much quicker ways of approaching them if you ignore Ocelot and do it your way. For instance, the entire Skulls sniper section can be skipped just by climbing a wall by the river and Sahelanthropus can be beaten in 2 minutes if you use the tower trick. Also, most target locations that require intel files…don’t actually require you to get the intel files since the target is already spawned which makes it realistic in a way.


Even the mission tasks can be made a joke by simply not trying to do them all in one go in conjunction with straight up broken development items like stealth camo level 6. The only mission task I struggled with was A Quiet Exit because the stealth camo doesn't work in that mission. There are also some buggy mission tasks or tasks that can only be completed in a specific way that’s not immediately obvious but these are rare and easy to resolve.


The game overall is a lot of fun. I remember, back before I was a trophy hunter, that I would spend ages just replaying missions, experimenting with the new tools I got, seeing how I could do things differently, completing tasks, farming S rank soldiers just for the fun of it. I also enjoyed the story but, man, the back half of the game really lets it down. In fact, the only reason I stopped playing back then is because of the repeat missions, particularly the subsistence ones, which I felt was disrespectful of the player’s time and defeated the whole point. You could tell the game was unfinished. I really hope we get a remake or remaster that finishes the story properly.

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