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starting to get pains in my finger and thumb when playing


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when playing RDR2 for example, you need to tap x for the horse to go full speed. i use my thumb for this. after awhile, when i press, i feel this pain in the thumb joint to the hand.

similarly, when playing first person shooters, i use R1 as my firing button. sometimes i press it hard when firing when in pressurising circumstances (e.g. surronded by enemies). after awhile, now my finger joint (towards the upper part of my finger) is tingling. when i press on anything - a button on a keyboard or whatever, i feel a sensation.

it leaves me worried. i'm not young either, i'm 38.


does anyone else experience similar physical issues when playing games?


hope this doesnt mean that eventually i'll have to retire from it because it hurts my finger joints :(  the instant i notice these i stop playing and give it a few hours or resume gaming the next day

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Geez, dude, with pain like this have a doctor take a looksee.  I had probs with my wrists and just had to learn to play a bit differently.  I also make sure to take breaks from the repetition.

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Sounds like Tendonitis, it will get worse if you keep using it and don't let your thumb rest. The treatment is rest and pain killers. I used to have it and had to play visual novels to avoid using my thumb and type with my fingers only for weeks before it got better. I used ibuprofen gels on my thumb for pain, and took paracetamol (acetaminophen in the US) to help with pain. It could be worth seeing a doctor if you are really worried about it. I did not as I just treated it myself, but it did take a while to go away completely. 

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Whatever you do, don't ignore the problem. I have permanent damage to the tendons in my wrists and hands—called tendonosis—due to playing through the pain for many years, along with repetitive gripping when I was into weightlifting. See a good physiotherapist.

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