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PS4 fan runs for hours after the console is turned off


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I have PS4 Pro and it's been bothering me for months now. The console isn't overheating, it never turned off on its own and I think it's running in normal temperatures while I'm playing. But after I put it to sleep or even turn off I can hear the fan running for hours. At least two, maybe three. It's ridiculous. The console isn't backing anything up to cloud. During summer I thought it may had been due to heat but now in winter it's doing the same thing.


Is this normal? Why is it doing it? It's cold on touch and any little heat that's left inside should dissipate on its own, shouldn't it? When I turn off computer, fans turn off immediately as well.


Anybody else noticed this or is the unit somehow faulty, like thermometer isn't working properly or something.

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You mentioned the heat during the summer, was it a reasonably hot summer? Did the console ever shut itself down with a warning of overheating?

I'm just wondering had it ran too hot to cause a possible short where current constantly runs from the power supply, causing the fan to keep going after "powering down".

And just to be sure, you do feel air blowing from the back? Definitely not coil whine?


I'd first back up what saves you can to an external HDD, do a complete system reset and clean install of the OS to see if it's a software issue. Like you mentioned it doesn't update any saves to the cloud.

If it still occurs there is a definite hardware fault and you're right in your thinking about a possible temperature sensor going bad however once the power is shut off, fans shouldn't be spinning still.

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