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Platinum may be unobtainble with Ps3/Vita PSN stores shutting down

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As with my F 2nd thread, i'm here to warn you about the two online trophies in F that may be unobtainable after the closure of the PSN stores of those platforms. P is for Producer requires you to make an edit and upload it online through the "Network" menu option, while Thumbs up is obtained for favoriting an edit online, access edits from Network and look for any edits you can see, then favorite it.


If you own this and F 2nd, i advise you take out their online trophies now or soon, even if you want to save the plat for the future.


Credits to @DEI2EK for letting me know about the online trophies in this game.



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1 hour ago, Xionx said:

How is it connected with the store? I already have these but i dont see connection . PSN online feature dont close , "only" store.

There has been no comment about the servers staying up though, so i posted these threads just to be safe, none of this is confirmed yet :)

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14 minutes ago, LucasDragon570 said:

What will close is the store, not PSN.

One has nothing to do with the other.


That's true, but what with Sony also shutting down the messaging system in Vita. We have no idea when Sony or the company who make all these games when they decide they are going to remove a  feature,


Sony have made several bad decisions over the past few years. Do you really want to risk it?


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