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Future DLC?


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Hello! I recently got 100% on Hitman 3, and so am ready to trade the game in. However, I’m worried that the game might drop some DLC in future and add extra trophies, like Hitman 1 and 2 did. 

Anyone know if they announced or planned for future DLC? I saw there was the 7 Sins stuff, but there’s no trophies for those

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I think full new levels are - alas - not on the cards this time - the 7 Deadly Sins stuff coming out pretty much cemented that in my mind

- but hopefully the Elusive Targets and new Escalation missions will continue for a good long time.

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Seems highly unlikely that they'll add any additional trophies. They're currently doing the awful Seven Deadly Sins DLC which has so far not added any new trophies. I highly doubt they'll support this game too much post launch. They're working on the Bond game so I'd assume that means even less developers working on this title. Personally I'd say trade the game in now, so that you get the most amount of credit back, and uninstall the game. ?

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