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Last Chance to Platinum


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MAG: THE LAST CHANCE:                                                                                                                                                                                                              


As many of you already know, The servers for MAG shut down January 28th, 2014 at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. Overall the Platinum seemed rather difficult to obtain, however the Platinum basically came down to 10,000 kills overall (which many multiplayer games require) and destroying or rebuilding 25 of each structure which if boosted, could move along very quickly with one player earning the destroy and one the repair. The problem that this Platinum faced wasn't difficulty, but the fact that the mode needed to achieve the structure trophies requires two teams of 51 players to startup (totaling at a total of 102 players). There were barely ever players in the MAG community that played this mode meaning that to Platinum the game, it would require 102 boosters. This forum was a last chance effort to bring together enough dedicated boosters to complete the Platinum or at least try. My goal was to continue to play the game until the servers closed on January 28th and slowly accumulate dedicated boosters to work on MAG throughout the days on kills needed until the overall total amount of players was close enough to start boosting. I figured that If trophy hunters started working together in the game at all times as a clan of up to 102, eventually (hopefully) the amount of players would rise to the point that we could easily finish the game together. This was an opportunity to complete the largest boosting attempt PSN had ever seen. There are over a million gamer's on this site and I figured that just maybe 102 could join. After the second main boost session launched I had come to the conclusion that although 65 amazing gamer's had joined the sign up roster, only half would be able to actual show at one time making this strategy obsolete. After attempting to help those that had asked for my direct help with the kill trophies in smaller matches, I attempted to contact every MAG community member I could find in the hopes that if the community itself started playing the mode required for the Platinum, then maybe the signed up boosters below would at least have a chance to get into the game and earn their Platinum. A week before MAG was due to shutdown, almost 90% of the community switched game modes and allowed countless gamer's to finally achieve their Platinum. I do not know for certain if I had any impact on this community decision or not but If not, I was at least able to give all of our signed up boosters information, a list of other boosters, and overall hope that sometimes the achievable can actually be achieved. I thank all our committed boosters and am glad we could share this opportunity.




THE SIGNED UP BOOSTERS:                                                                                                                                                                                                         


TOTAL RAVEN: 16                           TOTAL SVER: 15                 TOTAL VALOR: 16            UNKNOWN: 18



SUPPRESSION BOOST INSTRUCTIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

SUPPRESSION Boosting is for Kill Medals, not Objectives. If you have your kills completed, we still expect you to help the ones that don't.



You will receive a friend request from ChaoticDoomOfBob. Please add me so that I can invite you into your designated Chat room. On the day of the Boost Session, join the chat room every time you start your PlayStation 3 System so that we can keep track of who is available to join the session. For more information regarding the Chat room, please read the "How we will communicate" section below.



During a SUPPRESSION Boosting Session, RAVEN and SVER will be selected to be used in-game. Since only two of the three factions can enter the game at one time, VALOR players will need to load up a different PSN account and select one of the two factions to help start the match. Once RAVEN and SVER have finished their kills, VALOR will take the place of SVER. SVER players will need to load up a different PSN account and select one of the two factions to help start the match. 



During a SUPPRESSION Boosting Session, 48 players are required to start. This is divided out by two team factions of 24. Each team faction will be divided out by three squads of 8 players. Squad A will be boosting on the left side of the map, Squad B will be boosting on the right side of the map, and Squad C will be boosting in the middle of the map.This will spread out boosters into three designated boost spots made up of 16 players each (8 per faction).



During the SUPPRESSION Boosting Session, two PlayStation Chat room's will be active. Chat room RAVEN will consist of Squads 1-4 in RAVEN and the Platoon Leader of SVER. Chat room SVER will consist of Squads 1-4 in SVER and the Platoon Leader of RAVEN. This allows both teams to have equal communication as Platoon leaders will be able to transfer information from the opposite faction to all of Squads via mic. support. 



Each booster in their squad will be assigned a number from 1-8. Booster 1 will start off by killing Booster's 2-8 on the corresponding enemy squad . This is repeated 5 times until all of the Booster 1's, accumulate a total of 35 kills awarding them with the Grim Reaper Ribbon. Once 35 kills are reached, Number 2's will kill until 35 kills are reached and so on until the match is completed. If all 8 Boosters have not cycled through kills in one match, the next match will continue from where the numbers left off. 


BOOST SESSION UPDATES:                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Do you have the DLC for MAG and still need the DLC trophies? Once we have enough players working on the main games platinum, we will be working on both of the DLC packs. 



Worried about those 10,000 kills? You can boost kill trophies at an average of 12 kills per minute with only three people. For more information on this method, contact me via PSN at ChaoticDoomOfBob.



12/11/2013 Reached the 10 Booster mark! Keep it up gamer's.



12/14/2013 Reached the 20 Booster mark! Keep it up!



12/14/2013 Reached the 30 Booster mark! That was fast, keep it up.



12/16/2013 Reached the 40 Booster mark! Almost half there!



12/17/2013 Reached the 50 Booster mark! Congratulations everyone for your dedication. To honor the occasion, this post has been reorganized making it easier to navigate and I have added the boosting instructions for suppression which will start soon.


UPDATE 8: 12/20/2013 Boosting Session 1 COMPLETED!

Boosting Session 1 Completed and I have added notes regarding who took part to the Session 1 Section of the post.


UPDATE 9: 12/25/2013 BOOSTING Session 2 COMPLETED!

Boosting Session 2 Completed. I have come to the conclusion that I need to contact the community for further help on our sessions.



1/1/2014  I have come to the conclusion that I need to contact the community for further help on our sessions. We currently do not have enough boosters showing up for the sessions to continue with our current session plans.



1/10/2014 I have been able to contact a large portion of the MAG community however I do not know if they are even receiving my messages as I have had no responses. Anyone that has asked me directly has been made aware of our current situation. 



1/17/2014 Today the MAG Community started playing Domination which is the mode required for the Platinum. I am unsure if my messages had anything to do with this event or not however I hope it continues to transpire. Keep at those Platinums!



1/20/2014 Since the 17th, the MAG community has grown larger playing Domination. This is the time for the Platinum! If you would like to work as a team, please use the sign up list for reference on who to contact. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.



1/28/2014 MAG SERVERS HAVE BEEN SHUTDOWN 3:00 PM EASTERN TIME! I have updated the forums with new information marking the end of our last stand and hope that many of you were able to obtain or come close to your Platinum! Congratulations and thank you for participating. 

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i support this... it's really not that difficult of a plat if you are playing against average joes but the people that play are usually hardcore. The only mode you need to plat it is acquisition and that requires 51x2 people=101 people (80 boosters would suffice). dlc modes would make the plat alot easier too but those don't require as many (the difficulty in those is getting people with the dlc). it's not impossible to gather this many people it is just very very hard.. Our group got esca numbers to like 18 19 21 about 2 months ago.  just message bob(or me) and can give you more info.

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For anyone worried about obtaining the 10,000 kills, you can boost kill trophies at an average of 12 kills per minute with only three people. For more information on this method, contact me via PSN at ChaoticDoomOfBob. Even if there isn't enough players for the structure trophies, you can at-least obtain all of the kill trophies quickly.

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You know I am in for Escalation.  If done right, everyone gets a minimum of 20 kills (1 Ribbon) per round.  To get the medal (& Trophy), you need to do this 10 times, so no less than 200 kills each and an impossible trophy in the making.....


Ohh yeah - max lobby size 96.....

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Congratulations everyone! We made the second benchmark with 20 Boosters signed up. 108 to go. Keep a look out for updates on the first post as I continue to add new information. I am also including a detailed list of each signed up booster, what they need, and if it is a player, or a dummy account. View it now at the first post in this topic to make sure your information is correct if you are on the list.

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Chaotic...im in, but i only have one DLC...and can't remember the name :S

and as you know...im awful at this game...i have NO TROPHIES at all from this game :(

im lost on this :( so...i don't know...i can help and play from next wednesday to 28 january (lol)

see you chaotic

No problem. While we wait to get enough players signed up to earn the platinum, I have been helping players to earn as many trophies as possible. You can earn up to about 50% of the game boosting kills which as I have stated above only requires 3 players. I am more than willing to help you at any time. Just message me when you are ready to work on your trophies.:) 

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what time is good for everyone

I am on most of the day almost every day for this helping players achieve their kill medals. If you need kill medals, message me when you would like to work on them and I can hop on to help. If you have all of your kill medals completed, most are waiting for more players to join before we start.

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Hey there!


Just registered to reply this topic, which I just found a link in PS3T.org forums. I used to play MAG quite a lot back in the day but eventually dropped it for other games... By the time I became a trophy hunter and I thought I would plat MAG someday. But I never thought about this day till they rang the "shut down the dam servers" alarm... So disappointing. :(


Now it's time then, and I would join your boosting team.


Basic info: 


ID: GastNDorf

Timezone: GMT+1

I'm in Valor at the moment. Level 68 if I remember correctly... Already did the max levels in each factions though so I'm up to stay in if necessary (or move out too, for purpose...) 

I'd like to boost base game and DLC too.


Can't remember what ribbons/medals I own, and which ones I should care about most... I'll check that tomorrow because it's late right now, gotta go to sleep...

All I can remember is that I miss those 20 transport vehicle destruction, which is a pain if you don't have mates in the game. :/

But maybe we will discuss that later right?

Edited by GastNDorf
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Reached the 50 Booster mark! Congratulations everyone for your dedication. To honor the occasion, this post has been reorganized making it easier to navigate and I have added the boosting instructions for suppression which will start soon. I will be sending notifications to all of our signed up boosters soon so keep a look out in your messages.

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On Friday the 20th of December, we will begin our first MAG Boost session. Since we now have over 50 Boosters signed up, we will begin the session with a full match of SUPPRESSION to help those signed up that still need their designated kill medals. If you have completed your kills and find playing SUPPRESSION irrelevant, reconsider immediately as it is not fair for those that need kills and are willing to help with your remaining trophies.The Boost Session will start at 2 PM Eastern Time and will continue throughout the day until 12 AM Eastern Time. This way, those that have busy schedules will be able to drop in and drop out to continue with their everyday lives as well as allow all Boosters signed up to be able to take part in the session. Instructions on how this boost will progress and what is involved are detailed on page one in the SUPPRESSION BOOST INSTRUCTIONS Section of this post, please read so that everyone has a better understanding of what is involved. If kills are completed before the session is completed at 12 AM, we will attempt to start ESCALATION for those that have the ESCALATION MODE DLC downloaded. If you do not have the DLC and are interested in attaining the DLC trophies, please message ChowderlyDude on PSN as he may have an extra account with the DLC purchased for you to use. If you have any further questions, please leave a reply below or contact me via PSN at ChaoticDoomOfBob. See you on the Battlefield!

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Even with a petition, there is 0% chance of that happening because the developer that designed MAG is no more. No one has the code to edit the game to update anything. Sony may be in charge of the game right now, but that is only through the servers, not the programming. 

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