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Original or Remaster?


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Played both. I see no reason to choose Original on consoles other then having "Original experience". Maybe on PC using original for mods that are not compatible with remaster (if they are any, i have no idea about that)


What DLC is this?

Additional map with new bosses and items and stuff

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Remasters for both.


For Dark Souls, it deals with the frame rate issues in some areas, which could be a real issue in the original release, but run much better in the remaster.


For Dark Souls 2, you get the Scholar of the First Sin DLC baked in, which is 3 distinct new areas, with new items and lore aspects, all of which are worth playing, (and one area in particular - in The Crown of the Iron King section - I would say is one of the most striking and cool areas across the whole series,) plus serious changes to the finale of the game, all for the better.


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Remaster hands down:

- you get the DLC for no extra charge. Do not skip the DLC even if it doesn't have trophies.

- you get the ability to consume multiple items - saves you the hassle to donate 30 humanities to The Fair Lady one at a time.

- better framerate

- a Catacombs bonfire that will save your ass big time (unless you do the Catacombs skip)

- you get it on PS4 vs the PS3 version, which means more people playing = better instances to farm for Gold Medals/Lower Warriors of Sunlight requirements.


For Dark Souls 2 , definitely the remaster, same as the above (you need the DLC spells for the trophies), the positioning and framerate is way better.


I think there's enough arguments right there xD

As for challenge...Dark Souls 1 and 2 are way easier than Bloodborne imo. As long as you take your time and use a shield, you will have an easier time than Bloodborne.

...except for Lost Izalith in DS1. Lord have mercy on your soul there. If we were to go for the traditional rule, Bloodborne is better than DS1 and 2 (your first Souls game + way smoother than the previous games). But that is up to you to discover :D


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Remastered, at least because faster loading screens, which you will see a lot:). All above are valid arguments, and there is nothing you lose by playing remastered versions, because there is no change in both.


After Bloodborne those games will be a little harder, gameplay dynamics are day and night difference.

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