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What's everyone's build?

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I'm using Breaker with an Axe.


My abilities are:

Seal of Blood

Blood Weapon




My combos are:



Brutal Tackle


I haven't really touched anything other than an Axe outside of leveling.  Kind of curious what everyone else is running.

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Axe with Groundpound skill and Blood Weapon is pretty good. I also used axe to clear my story playthrough. I recommend trying out Berserker class's ability which boosts your attack for even more power. Right now I'm in the post game and I'm running 400% affinity Dark Knight and 250% affinity Berserker.with knuckles. Running Blood Weapon/Lunatic/Might Strikes. Tried the build in the lv300 boss rush mission and it works pretty good. 

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I went with Ronin since I liked the R2 ability because when fully charged it would do a lot of damage. That and giving me an option to pick a class like Ronin is going to make me want to play it.


For a backup class I went with Lancer for the harder bosses because of the spear throwing ability which can damage them really well. If you mix that with Mighty Strikes and a fully charged throw you can take a good bit of health off.

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I saw someone playing black mage(99)/red mage (99) and up against the zombie dragon boss mission level 220... Melted it with slammed thunder III. It was dead in under 1min.


Assuming using magic weapon (hits generate MP) and convert.  There mp bar would go from 4-5 bars. To 1 bar. Volly of magic. Repeat.

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Currently running a Sage/Breaker. The Sage is my main class. I run it with Divine Sigil and Magic Regen to help with passive MP regen and Seal of Blood to help that Ultima burst damage. I'll Soul Shield any attack that's not unblockable to help with MP regen as well. I mainly only switch to Breaker when there's a Harpy or Bat or anything in the air that's weak to Lances.


We'll see how far this takes me. Currently grinding up some gear to try and hit around level 300 so I can start taking on the Limit Releases in Chaos.

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