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Birthday Suit Unlock?


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6 minutes ago, wltrsjcwvita said:

There's a featured tab in the shop which has some items that aren't normally available to buy, you'll have to purchase things in there until it shows up.


25 minutes ago, DrakeHellsing said:

The guide says to just purchase the suit/fur for the goat, but it's not even available for me when I go and purchase it. Do I have to keep purchasing other stuff and eventually it'll unlock? Or is it tied to something else in the game?

So one guide status you need to get all goat towers, but that didn't work for me, another guide stated completing the bigfoot side mission (forgot the name), and that unlocked it for me, you still need to buy it at the furs tab

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@HuntingFever I’d already had the suit when I went for the trophy so I took Trophy Tom’s word on the first goat castle thing. I’ll put a note in there that you unlock the ability to purchase the Birthday Suit by completing the Big Foot event first. Sorry guys! Thank you for tagging me. I’ll update the guide tonight! 

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