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Blue Archive, an "RPG about finding miracles in everyday life." If you wonder it's a Gacha, it is one.



The Students(the game's Playable Characters) comes in three types of Banners: Normal/Rate up, Limited and Fes and their Attack & Defense types can be one of three(soon four) or mix of two.

Current Banner: Cheerleader.Utaha & Noa


Upcoming Banners(New and Limited/Fes only):

Bold Banners are Limited while Bold and underline are Fes that has higher rate up for 3* and can also drop the old Fes banner characters like Wakamo and S.Hoshino also the banners after Fes are always Free(well only 100 free pulls)

  • Bunny Girl.Akane
  • Bunny Girl.Neru (rerun)

  • Bunny Girl.Karin (rerun)

  • Gym.Mari

  • Gym.Yuuka

  • Himari

  • Shigure

  • C/H.Hanae

  • C/H.Serina

  • NY.Haruna

  • NY.Fuuka

  • Mine

  • Mika

  • Megu

  • Kanna

  • Sakurako

  • Nagisa

  • Toki

  • Koyuki

  • NY. Aru (rerun)

  • NY. Mutsuki (rerun)

  • NY.Kayoko

  • NY.Haruka

Each Student has a Live2D sceen you can set as your home sceen but some are voiced and others are not like Azusa's Memorial Lobby is voiced while Serina's is not etc.



Just to let folks know, the story(both the 4 soon 5 volumes and Event) is not voiced so besides gameplay and Student Roster(where you level or/and upgrade them), only certain Memorial Lobbys are voiced.


A Beginner guide also watch Valiant's videos about the Characters if you want to know more about them or which girl is meta, note he do videos for both JP and Global version of Blue Archive.


Well I can say the game is fun and the RNG of getting the characters you want or/and need is 50/50 plus the spark is 200 compared to Princess Connect Re:Dive's 300 and with luck you can get both banners's rated up chars within 200 pulls or get one and use spark on the another as they share the spark points but it resets then the new banner/s comes.

Try to save 24,000 Pyroxene for the Character you want or Fes banners.

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Nice to see that a thread has been made for Blue Archive.


I will post some pics later on some chars i got.


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All the pulls i done where i got new girls from them:





My very first ten pull



On my second ten pull i got Asuna!


That smile
















The free pulls and etc sure got me quite some chars.





I got her on my way to get Kazusa and i also did manage to get her swimsuit version from the event that was up when i joined BA.



Aside of Asuna she's the other reason i wanted to play BA.





@Leon Castle

Priconne is getting another collab with GBF:





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Did go through the new event(well new for global players), enjoyed my time with the After-School Sweets Gan...Club. For the two banners I skip them all until maybe Noa's Banner(can make the team focus fire on an enemy of your choice like S.Izuna can) or/and Bunny Girl.Karin If I have over 24,000 Pyroxene if not then it all goes to Gym.Mari(that seeing a lot of fan arts of her was what got me into BA) and maybe Gym.Yuuka if I'm lucky with Mari.


52 minutes ago, Tosmasta00 said:

Nani?! They are finally adding another GBF char that I will end up waiting 3 years for.

-sees what's in link and then the twitter link-

It's Warlock Djeeta... I'm happy for a new Djeeta but was hoping for Zooey or any of the Granblue girls(or traps for that matter) but I do wonder if Cygames plan to make a Princess Gala version of her, a mix of that SSJB-like form and Princess form would be cool to see.


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And now the last summer event until... well summer starts. This off season event is a rerun and the first time BA has a mini-game, it's a rhythm game where Iori shows her shooting skills.

Unlike the "newer" summer event, only two of Disciplinary Committee Students and one of Gourmet Research Society Students has swimsuits.

Maybe one of the 2023 summer events has Haruna in a swimsuit.


New Student:


Now the Gourmet Research Society is back together... of sorts, still don't have her normal self. But I think she's one of those students you can farm for in Hard Mode.


Latest Memorial Lobby:


Cherino looks cute without that fake moustache of hers.



If I want to go from :silver: to :gold: then I might need to go for the Students the top rankers has then I have to farm for Aru's memory shards which means I need to start clearing stages again while for Ako, Older/True age Shun, Koharu and Karin, I can hope to be spook by and/or get from Mika's banner. Also need to hit max level(80). Did see one top ranker use Loli Shun.

The end goal would be getting :platinum:. hopefully around then the KAITEN vs Perorozilla boss raid drops.


The Students I have(before S.Izumi)











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All i say is so cute:





Now i have her twice.


Something funny i did spot in one of the Char Episodes



Also is it me or is leveling much slower when you get to around 30?


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3 hours ago, Tosmasta00 said:

Also is it me or is leveling much slower when you get to around 30?

It gets slower as you level up, only time you get more XP than usual is events apparently.



If there's one thing I learned about Gourmet Research Society. Then they appear trouble is soon to follow.


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At last my S.Hoshino is 5*.


Next event:


You can get the dog girl for free as she's the next welfare student.

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