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Why do people hate this game?


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The campaign (Art's Dream) is pretty good and the free DLC (Ancient Dangers) is pretty quick to complete. Aside from that, all the trophies take you through an extended demo of the game and introduce you to the different aspects of it. They did go overboard on getting to level 30 and some of the Rank 3 trophies. For people who aren't interested in creating stuff, it's a big grind.


I'm currently burning through the Imp Quests to get as much XP as possible (I was level 18 by the time I got all trophies except for the ones to get to levels 20 and 30). What is reaaaaaaaaaally stupid is that some Imp Quests have tiers that have different goals (ex. Tier 1: share one item online, Tier 2: share five items online, etc.), but all the tiers give the same amount of XP as a reward. So the beginning Tier will give 100xp for doing an action once and the final Tier will also give 100xp for doing an action 500 times.

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