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What are your favourite WWE Royal Rumbles?


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(Just saying, I'm only counting the actual match, not the PPV as a whole.)


I stopped watching WWE in 2008 as it went PG, but I still watch the Royal Rumbles every year, when I can. I must say, they have been rapidly declining in quality since the 2010 one. 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 have all just been terrible. And before you shout at me, yes I know it's all planned before hand.


1) 2004 - Chris Benoit!! :D (Coming in at #1 to win it all. Always been my favourite wrestler until he killed himself.)

2) 2006 - Rey Mysterio (Coming in at #2 and dominating everyone.)

3) 1992 - Ric Flair (WOOOOOOO!!)

4) 2007 - Undertaker (Dat fight with HBK at the end though... And Finlay!!)

5) 2005 - Batista (The accidental unplanned ending and Mr McMahon falling over :D)

6) 2001 - Stone Cold (Kane goes mental.)

7) 2003 - Brock Lesnar (Back when he was cool. Dat spear to Guido though...)

8) 1999 - Mr McMahon (First one I ever saw)

9) 1988 - Jim Duggan (The first one there was)

10) 2010 - Edge (Johnny Nitro's power jump :P)


What are your favourites?

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2004 and 2006. 


2004- Chris Benoit all the way baby.. from being the #1 entry eliminating all the other 29.. man.. 



2006- One of the people I love in the WWE, Rey Mysterio. He payed tribute to his great friend Eddie Guerrero by winning this Royal Rumble by eliminating Randy Orton in the final moments.

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I'm torn between two and still can't pick a favourite 


Shawn Michaels - 1995 - We had never seen a spot as unique as Shawn Michaels and The British Bulldog created with the controversial one foot touching the floor part before so it felt so unique and special to see Shawn go for number one to end up winning it all. 


Undertaker - 2007 - There has never been a greater battle between the final two which consisted of two WWE legends Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker and the ending to the match felt special as well as it has been the only time that Undertaker had finally managed to win the Rumble and go onto Wrestlemania 23 to win the World Heavyweight Title in a great match :D  

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