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Outlast Whistleblower Trophies


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Just in time for it's May 6th release, Outlast's trophy list has had 6 new trophies added.

WHISTLEBLOWER - Bronze - Finish the Whistleblower DLC.

BOWELWHISTLER - Gold - Finish the DLC in insane mode

ARCHIVIST - Silver - Collect all documents

LEGACY - Silver - Complete all recordings

Hidden Trophy

Hidden Trophy

So, what're your thoughts? I'm not looking forward to the return to Insane mode....

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Sweet, looks like some pretty easy (and satisfying) trophies once again!


I loved Outlast a lot (despite its relatively easily-exploitable AI and 'loss of scares' once you know the enemies... although I suppose that always happens with horror games haha), so I'm definitely keen to support the developers and buy this DLC :D


P.S. Love the name 'Bowel-whistler' for a trophy haha, seems like some new scares are to be had  :S

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