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What's The Difference To The PSP & The PSVita?


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one didn't sell enough whilst the other isn't sellin at all...

lol have partience bro, while Vita could could be doing much better if Sony understood the memory card prices afecting it, its not going that bad in Japan

the problem itself lies with the more competitive market today than it was years ago with PSP, thanks to iphones/ ipads/ etc you could ask Nintendo how their handheld also struggled a bit from this.


Few companies doing digital only localizations also doesn't help since 32gb memory cards are hell expensive in EU yet,

but i have hopes that Vita will continue to impress me next year that is with the region im using at least, everything else is pure speculation since i don't work in gaming industry xD


PS: in 2015 already have Ys 8 to buy for Vita, its a good start already.

Lastly in my view Vita pleased me more with its titles in the span of 2 years than PSP did in 5 years for me

only bought PSP-3000 when something finally interested me, Vita only took 1 year to tempt me buying it :)

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nelson but what you're forgettin is that the psp had all the big name games and it still didn't sell, only now in japan years after it's successful failure has it had a boom in sales from 9million sellin upto 84million...

it had new in house development of:

- r&c and clank spin off

- j&d and daxter spin off

- 2 gow games

- syphon filter

- gran turismo

- new medievil

- the getaway spin off

- a few new wipeout games and many other titles

newly developed 3rd party titles:

- mgs acid, mgs portabl ops/plus, mgs peacewalker/plus

- 2 amazin gta games and gta chinatown wars

- 2 silent hill games

- a few castlevenia games

- new capcom games includin sf apha 3 arcade edition and the ghouls 'n' ghosts collection

- a few ridge racer games

- ufc and wwe games

- arcade collections

- 2 mk games

- new final fantasy games which were amazin

- monster hunter games

- persona 1 to 3

- disgeae 1 to 3

- virtues last reward games and many others

i don't buy the excuse of expensive software for this latest handheld either, gamin is an expensive hobby so you've gotta have money anyway... in my opinion they fucked up with the format, it should've been made simpler with the use of san disk- that gives it new issues and makes them less money yeah but so what, you also posted that it's sellin in japan- yeah it did start to with the release of loads of jrpgs but it's since declined again and now it's startin to have a real decline in NA/EU because the majority don't want japanese games which have become a constant release every month, NA/EU gamersee want non japanese style games firstly and jprgs secondly...

im literally buyin every indy game i can for it inbetween the few games releases but if it wasn't for indy or lego games i wouldn't actually have any... it needs gran turismo and all the in house dev games comin out on it but there isn't any signs of that ever becomin reality, it's just been thrown out to sink or swim and because it sank straight away it's been discarded, all it's bein used as is a remote play gimmick and a jrpg platform...

lastly the biggest killer of it is nintendo... why? because they understand the handheld market and have 3 games that millions of kids grow up playin, once they're older the next few million of kids replace them in sales...

if any handheld outside of nintendo wants to succeed it needs to have an answer for mario games, monster hunter and pokemon... it also needs to be acknowledged by it's own company, given a strong in house support and then adapt/appeal to todays modern android gamers along with existin gamers young and old alike...

puttin all the psp in house/3rd party games catalogue on to it as updated collections would also be good... will sony do that, probably not but bizarrely enough they put them onto the home system as hd collections lol...

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