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Trophies- required to activate cheats


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Just checked this again and on what I've unlocked so far it says Once activated the game state will not be saved anymore. So yes I'd say it's going to be different for the endurance challenge, veteran and so on.

Sorry if I confused or mislead anyone.

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Maybe the trophies are just saying that it is allowed to use cheats.

In Lego-Games you also can use cheats, witch you can collect ingame.


... When you fight the StormFortress - epic legendary ship - she can fuck 30% of your hp with one broadsite away if you are unlucky.

She has a morsar which also lays fire.... and when you get her down to 20%, two other legendary ships join the battle.

I dunno how to beat THAT without the invincible cheat, but I'm a bit feared. Am I "allowed" to use it?

I mean, its a gold trophy.. sure it should be challening, but...  that damn UbiSmokingUtensils :o


Edit: All cheats are allowed ... I was so mad at the StormFortress that I used unvincible, unlimited ammo and no reload

... After that I turned everything off, the game has loaded autmatically the last checkpoint and the trophy popped.

In case of the cheattrophies, the game saves after every guard and so on.

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In order for you to begin to do these trophies, you have to complete enough Abstergo Challenges, about 65, just to get the Veteran cheat, you should have the Endurance cheat by this point. For the trophies, you have to activate the required cheat, for example for the "I Endure" trophy, you need to activate the Endurance cheat and only that one and so on. You can knock out both Endurance cheat trophies at once, (kill 30 guards and destroy 10 ships), by destroying ships and boarding them to kill the enemies.


You can keep track your progress by going to the "Statistics" page on the Database in the pause menu. I believe the cheat based trophies are located at the bottom of the Miscellaneous page in the Statistics portion of the Database menu. You can also keep track of the other events, kills, Loots and activites by going to the stats page.

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Trophies are not disabled by the cheats. For example, some people use the Immortal cheat to complete the final Legendary battle. What the game does is it doesn't save, but trophies are still obtainable. So when they would complete the battle, I believe (I completed legit, so just a guess from what I've heard) that you'll get the trophy but not the unlocks from the battle and the battle will still be on the map. 

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