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Would you buy a Freedom Wars Expansion game?


I would?  

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  1. 1. Would I buy a Freedom Wars Expansion game?

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I like Freedom wars, it was the only game bar RO Ace for the Vita that I was content with.


Soul Sacrifice bored me, played a bit of Toukiden. LIked it but waiting for the expansion coming out next month.


If you bought the original Freedom Wars, would you buy another expanded set(provided they localize it) like they did for Ragnarok/Toukiden/Soul Sacrifice.

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No I wouldn't buy a game if there is an expanded version of it (such as Soul Sacrifice Delta). Why would game developers release a game, then several months later, release the same game, but with content that they didn't bother adding in the first game that was released? (Yes I'm looking at you Super Street Fighter 4).

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That would imo be obvious feature.

Both mentioned games had this. (Not sure about expanded Toukiden)

It is obvious but now that every game comes out with a crapton of DLC I wouldn't even be surprised if you needed some kind of pass to get your stuff back.

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