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Anyway to make it stop making noise while turned off?


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Unless it's a portable system, any computer will always make some noise when working, so what you're asking for is pretty much magic.


But yeah, I understand your pain, sometimes I too wish there were a way to make our consoles totally silent.


EDIT: Never mind.

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In rest mode the fan (when its on) and the hard drive will make a noise. However, even when turned off (not in rest mode), the power supply unit can make a very low level high pitch squeal. You may hear it if you put your ear to it, though some peoples hearing can be a little different to others. In the summer, the window is open, and the noise of the outside stops me hear it, but in the winter, the window is closed, and its all I can hear at night. I have to turn the PlayStation off at the plug, as I can hear it while I try to sleep.

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Yer in rest mode it still runs the hdd and fans at a very low output. What you may be hearing is when it's fully powered down sometimes you get a little bit of coil whine or slight current still floating around the power unit. It happens on mobile chargers a lot when a phone isn't plugged in. It's pretty conmen among electronics but the only way to kill it is turn it off at the plug. Its not going to damage you're system so don't worry but if its super quiet it can be noticeable.

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