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Sony Reveals "Playstation Plus League" eSports Platform


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No not league of legends...


According to IGN...


"Sony appears set to launch its own eSports platform called PlayStation Plus League.

A new French-language site has popped up, revealing games like Street Fighter IV Ultra, Battlefield Hardline and FIFA 16 will all be included, with Championships occurring throughout the year across several different seasons and divisions.

Diving deeper into the site reveals tournaments are set to kick off this week to celebrate Paris Games Week in titles including Rocket League, Mortal Kombat X and more.

What's even more interesting is the fact that real money appears to be up for grabs in games here - the Project cars site reveals a monthly stipend will be paid out to the top 32 players."




This doesnt seem like its been officially announced (I'd imagine it will be today at PGW), but it does sound freaking awesome! This is some esports I can get behind, what are your guys' thoughts? 

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No not league of legends...


So there's no free skin at the end of my season if I get into gold


I can't play as teemo and use his global ult to destroy everyone


I'm not going to get hammered by team mates if I give away a penta


I'm not going to get hammered by tryhard Koreans


Anything else?

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