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Just coming here to say that the glitch works as of today 16 Feb 2017. I only bought a couple of characters beforehand, but no upgrades or weapons. For the past week I've been focusing on just getting to level 60 so that I could buy the characters in one go (Lara doesn't unlock until level 60). I exited out of the game, then reloaded. Lo and behold the trophy popped when I before the main menu was on my screen.

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The glitch worked for me as well. At first I thought it had not, so I started returned to grinding, this time just for salvage crates. Then I recalled that there are also characters to buy from the enemy faction as well as the survivors. You need to buy all of those as well except for The General.

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On 4/11/2017 at 10:17 PM, wackt1 said:

So I need to buy all characters (both factions). Also, by quiting the game, can it be buy turning off the ps3 then turning it back on or by holding the PS button and click on the 'quit game' option?


Yeah, you don't have to turn off your PlayStation completely. Like you said hold down the PS button and quit the game.

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On 8/22/2017 at 4:23 PM, melodicmizery said:

what if you already bought some of the upgrades and characters does that void everything out, or do you have to just buy all characters at once and shut the ps3 off?

already buying upgrades and characters won't nullify your trophy. I got the platinum and shopaholic and i bought an upgrade for my starting shotgun on the survivor loadout before buying all the characters . Also, you don't need to shut off your PS3, can confirm that buying all the characters then quitting the game using the PS button (holding the button in the middle and then pressing the quit game option) works.

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