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A go-kart racing bear?


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I really wish they had not released this in EU


Then I would not have bought it


*long rant I can fully understand*


One question:

Is your PS4 also heating up like crazy while playing this game? I play it once in a while (motivation is near to non-existent, though) and everytime I start it the PS4 activates it jet mode, even while I'm in the pause menu. Speaking of that: I really hate how sensitive the controls are in the "menu". It takes me several attempts to hit the option to restart a race. :shakefist:

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I really wish they had not released this in EU


Then I would not have bought it


It is the worst title I can remember playing in years


No settings so no way of turning off the appalling in game muzak.

No idea whether there is any speed difference by drifting or not which considering its title is a joke

No fun on any of the circuits

No clue as to the control scheme. Pressed X to see if that released a speed boost after drifting and it reset my lap

The appalling in game musak

Constant dodgy scenery crashes which put you back to a point quite away from the incident

The Picnic mode which makes your driver so big you cant see the track

Tracks the have no flow and often just seem to veer off leaving you wondering where you are supposed to go

The appalling in game muzak

To activate the hard setting you have to make a leap that after 50 attempts I still can't do

There is a room off to the left at the start of each hub (read its called the server room) where you have the option to use an icon that looks like a trashcan. So with no instructions available is this a save or a delete or what.


Its all just annoying and pointless and the snidey way it pops a trophy the first few seconds of you driving means that you cant even delete it off your profile


I am sure some folks have enjoyed it, but for me its a charmless annoying badly programmed soulless POS.


Its nearly the end of 2016, so is it too much to ask for an options menu?


The devs were obviously fans of Mario Kart and CTR. Just a shame they didn't keep playing instead of compiling this bag of toss


And will someone please turn off the appalling in game musak!!


And what about trophies? It's hard or not?

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@ crimson idol... yes it was making the fans go into overdrive.....must be all those complex graphics cough!


@rafi.....as always I think the psnp ratios sum up a games trophy giving well...I am sure I will end up getting close to maxxing it eventually playing it with the sound off, but its certainly not an easy trophy fest or at least not for me (but I am not a brilliant gamer so it might be easier for others).....having read some of the helping pointers on here I will be more clued up as to whats going on




Sort of feel bad for having a go at any game as I know devs put in a lot of time and effort to produce stuff for us to enjoy

Have read on here this was a very small team making this too

An addition of an options menu and a few in game info posts would certainly make this a far better purchase 

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