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A go-kart racing bear?


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Everyone's a WINNER... Not you though
In four player splitscreen, finish a race in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Wow need 4 controllers and if there is any AI you can't even boost it yourself?


Do you need player 1 to finish 1st, player 2 finish 2nd, player 3 finish 3rd and player 4 finish 4th.

Or do you have to play 4 races in a row and finish first race 1st ,second race 2nd, third race 3rd and fourth race 4th?


This game looks fun

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I already saw some YouTube previews from this game based upon the early access version from Steam. It is being created by some members of the development team that once made Crash Team Racing.

Two things I remember from the previews that the roads in this game aren't as wide as Crash Team Racing plus both previews mentioned the absence of menu's, which could make things a bit unclear.

But offcourse, those were previews.

Surprised to see a Platinum Trophy on this game though.

P.S. Bears can drift!

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Anyone who doesn't have 4 controllers, just remember you can sideload the Remote Play app onto just about any Android phone this side of 2010 that sold for more than 5 bucks at launch. I've actually got it running on my old Xperia Play and trust me, it's even better than playing on a Vita.


Anyway, the point is that you can load that app up on your phone, an old phone (most people have one sitting around), and if you've got 2 controllers you're already set, otherwise get a friend's phone or something. 

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Hey everyone! This game is based on Crash Racing. Its basically a spiritual successor as they call it. I haven't seen the game for like 2 months but when I saw it before, it looked amazing up until they started racing, where the AI was driving slow, it was super easy, crashes was clunky and gameplay overall was clunky in races. I hope they've fixed it because when you drive in the hub world it looks amazing

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