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Well, you should put your 10 favorite trophies, I don't think it's that hard to choose.

Sure, I would also like to show more trophies, but in the end, you simply HAVE preference. You can't possibly have the absolutely same affection for two different trophies =)

Slightly off-topic but I always wonder why your ZTD platinum is not in your trophy cabinet :P. How come?

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I'd prefer to have control of my own trophy cabinet. Choose which milestone trophies (if any) I'd like to include and give the user the choice of filling in the rest. Also a small area for comments as to why they have chosen it if they want to.


For example my 2000th trophy is "Completed Chapter 4" on NGS2. Hardly inspiring and doesn't hold any kind of meaning but that is stuck to my profile.


Looking at other people's profiles it would be great to see what trophies they have chosen and why, It would be really interesting.


I suppose formatting and space is an issue but what a great way of personalising your profile.

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