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Atlus Project Re Fantasy HQ official concept-art


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Hah, that logo certainly brings back some Fool's Errand memories. So, fantasy? To my memory Atlus never really touched that setting before, so I'm very interested.Will be keeping tabs on this one, even despite the fact that this looks like yet another PS4 only title.

Plus, I will take anything from Atlus that isn't Persona. 

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The art is good, but there's not really enough information to give a solid idea of what's actually going on with these. Sure, Atlus does very little traditional fantasy stuff, but this still doesn't stand out to me compared against other stuff of a similar nature (which I'd say makes their other, more urban settings more interesting IMO). Personally, the art gives me a lot of generic vibes, albeit very well polished generic vibes. But that "A Fool's Journey Begins" tagline piques my curiosity... a tease of the plot's premise or themes, perhaps?


Whatever the case, while I'm not getting hyped, I'd like to keep an eye on this and see what it's going to do. It definitely looks like Atlus is investing a fair amount of effort into this promotional stuff, which I'd at least consider a sign of how much polish they intend to put into the game itself.

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Famitsu has published their annual feature where 110 Japanese creators in the game industry discuss their keywords, aspirations, and things they’re paying attention to in the year 2021. Three of these developers are directors and producers from Atlus: Shinjiro Takada (1st Production), Katsura Hashino (Studio Zero) and Kazuhisa Wada (Persona Team)


Katsura Hashino (3rd Creative Department – Studio Zero)

Katsura Hashino is the creative producer and game director whose representative works include “Persona 3”, “Persona 4”, “Persona 5”, “Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne” and “Catherine”.


Aspirations for 2021:

- With the world having experienced a flurry of change since last year with the coronavirus, all I can do now is continue to work quietly. The project in development is now at its climax, so I would like to continue head on to provide the world with interesting gameplay.


Latest Report:

- I look forward to announcing the title under development as soon as possible. Please look forward to the “fantasy RPG” that we, who have been creating modern dramas, will be challenging.





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