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Do you remember your first time?


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I think the best way to describe Skyrim, is a game you're not meant to fully complete. When I first played it, I was invested, I mean holy crap, Dragon trying to murder me, and the Stormcloak dude that escaped with me, is heading for a village, I'll tag along, since I've not got any plans of my own yet. The first couple of story quests, are close enough together, that you'll take care of them fairly quickly and get your Thu'um abilities unlocked. The problem is then you need to go to High Hrothgar, which is a decent distance, but this in turn, causes you to get caught up in dozens upon dozens of side quests and misc tasks. Unless you deliberately set out, to only do story stuff. I'm creeping up on level 60 in my current playthrough, and I still haven't killed Alduin or done loads of other sidequests. I actually have multiple saves, to basically backtrack, in case I've goofed and missed out on enough Daedric artefacts. Anyway, I think I'm on playthrough 5/6 now? The furthest I've ever been, I'm looking forward to adding this game as my 100th platinum. I only wish this game wasn't such a glutton for my precious time Q_Q And I still have to do Dragonborn for 100% completion.


My advice for anyone that plays this game, is do a first blind playthrough, then do a focused playthrough or make a few saves, to pursue alternate paths, like I am doing.

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On 2017-01-04 at 0:54 AM, Dr_Mayus said:

My first time playing Skyrim I got about an hour in and realized that the game had glitched and wouldn't let me save. I had to shut it off and restart the game from scratch.


Happened to me too. Such a pisser. :angry:

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Very uneventful. I didn't like it and getting out of the cave took forever. So yeah much like any first time lol.


Only reason I put any time into the game after the start is because of my brother. Yet I still haven't finished it after 4+ years. Give me Fallout over this any day.

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I don't remember much from my first time, though I also managed to name him Prisoner and ruin the time I spent on perfecting his ugly mug. I then managed to stand still for about 10 minutes as I couldn't work out how to move. After that things moved at a swift pace until we exited the escape tunnel. I followed the main quest as you are supposed to do and it opens up the world quite nicely at just the right pace. The point at which you are called up the mountain is the point at which the game is yours, even though before that you can deviate, you can't experience every part of the game without doing some of the main quests.


A lot of the criticism aimed at Skyrim stems from the notion that everything should be ready when you leave the escape tunnel. Other games have much longer tutorials that you can't skip even when replaying keeping you in a separate area where you can't do anything freely, but Bethesda's games give you the basics and then you can cut it off and go your own way or open up the whole game. The same situation occurs in Fallout, the tutorial does not end when you leave the vault, but you can leave at that point or let the game act as intended.


Another criticism comes from Bethesda's take that every person should be a person. In games like Dragon Age you can't kill, steal from, or otherwise do anything to most civilians, shop keepers, or especially quest givers. In order to make a person a person they need scripts to eat, sleep, and work. They need a place to sleep, a voice, words to speak, clothes to wear, even a coffin or urn if killed. So sometimes some of these don't work as intended, some are not written properly, or sometimes they conflict with each other. Would you rather have a city full of Citizens that walked by and didn't insult you because of what you were wearing, unable to kill them and send them to the clouds in the sky rather than the Cloud District? We should really be thankful that they abandoned the practice of Morrowind where you could kill anyone at any time and lock yourself out of a whole lot of quests. I am in no way an apologist for Bethesda or any company that releases bugged software, but the level of criticism in this thread is far more than this game warrants. When considering the percentage of bugs to the size of the game world, it's roughly on par with any other game with their much smaller worlds.


If anyone is thinking to plat this game, or even to play it to enjoy it, ignore the complainers here and seek the advice of well-worn travelers. This is a very enjoyable game that can be easily platted. Yes there are bugs, even game-breaking ones, but so long as you make a few saves along the way you can join the other 57 thousand users on the site who have platted it. The Elder Scrolls games also happen to have some of the most popular and well-documented game wiki's, if you do need help or advice, or indeed you can ask here.

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