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Can't start a ps4 backlog


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3 minutes ago, RATNESS said:

Why doesn't Sony allow people with no ps4 to buy ps4 downloads? I know you can't play them but you should be able to purchase and save in DL list.


Or can you and I just need to change some setting?


Access the store via PC or mobile and you can buy whatever you want. As to why you can't buy PS4 stuff via the PS3 or vita stores my guess is Sony doesn't want to deal with the constant requests for refunds when people buy stuff they can't use because they haven't been paying attention

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25 minutes ago, RATNESS said:

Nope. Says PayPal is invalid. 

I buy stuff with PayPal on PS3 and vita.


now I can't buy on the PS3. Must be a paypal issue.


also can't add funds over the purchase price with PayPal.


Then that is a problem with the account rather than content you are trying to buy.

As others said, it's perfectly possible to buy content for console you do not own yet.

That's how people hoarded PSV/PS4 Plus games before they got the respective console =D

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