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So I been seeing previews for this and i played the first 2 seasons but from what i been seeing, this doesnt really follow clementine. I mean she is in the game of course but you appear to be a new character and such. Does season 3 follow season 2 like season 2 did season 1? or is this more or less a reboot where your playing a new guy and they kinda just make clementines history what they want

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19 minutes ago, Gage said:

You play as a different person, but Clementine is still an active character and directly involved with what's going on so far. 

How good have the first two episodes been, I usually wait til they've all been released so I can play everything at once.

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24 minutes ago, Nishikino Maki said:


So barely functional with a good story. Gotcha.


Season 2's story sucked. It was aggravating, choices and plot progression were stupid, Carver was annoying, and so were a couple of the people who were trying to escape him. Season 2 made me angry at the game and angry at the characters for being idiots and blind to their surroundings, and the characters that I liked from Season 1 I now hated because they seemed to have lost most of their brain cells. Season 1 had such a fantastic yet simple story, and the emotions and messages it delivered were phenomenal. Plus then Michonne's mini-series was meh

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7 hours ago, Stargazer2600 said:

but do your choices from the first 2 games carry over?


They say it does, but because of how Telltale has to write their games they basically have to retcon whatever ending you had so it can continue in the same way for everyone. It's done much better than S1 > S2 though where the only thing that actually mattered was whether Clementine started the game with a jacket or not. 

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