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Any Trophies that cannot be purchased with in-game currency?


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It's a neat thing that you're able to buy some of the trophies (in case you don't want to use alot of time on the platinum on farming for resources), I don't even know where you can do this so I'm just going to go for it all legit. Even if it is very tempting to get the platinum fast.... xD

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On 3/21/2017 at 10:17 PM, TheAveryChu said:

I just want to know in case there are some I should look out for and try and work towards in case I can't purchase them. 

(Calm down, I'm planning on doing most of them legit)

As one poster said, it's pretty all the story-related trophies. 

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19 minutes ago, sephirothdude said:

Does psn profiles consider buying the trophies cheating in this game?

No, it's something  the game itself allows you to do. The only thing that is considered cheating is outside manipulation earning you trophies (using finished game saves, hacking trophies, etc). Anything within the confines of what the game allows is fine. 

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Eeeeh, getting all the weapons can be a pain due to those 2 sold by you know who. Which are also needed for ending Y.

I almost ended up buying those 2 trophies due to this but I got them on the "this is the last time I try this shit" attempt.

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