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Self Boosting Still Possible?


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Does anyone know if it is still possible to self boost the online trophies on only 1 PS3 with multiple controllers? Or do I need to boost with a friend / 2nd PS3? I haven't downloaded the game yet and am trying to figure out If some info I read is still true.

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You can split screen with another player (so just 2 players per PS3) but you need to have more than 2 players to have a server for regular multiplayer modes that works, you need 4 players to start a match (2v2 min. game, 12v12 max. game)


The only other thing is Prospector, you can do that SOLO if you want to, up to 4 players (only 2 in splitscreen.) The campaign is solo.


As for boosting, isn't there anyone else actually helping anymore? I was helping for a long time with Wed. Starhawk Night via playstation.com US Forums, but not anymore. There are people that still play, so you'll have to play whatever you can to get all the trophies, if that's what you are going for anyhow.

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14 minutes ago, grifteskymfning said:

I got a bunch of PS3:s and like 10 controllers so I am all set for boosting with myself.


My question is, do you need to connect online to do the Prospector trophies? Are they considered an "online trophy"?


A few people in another thread have confirmed that you do actually need to be connected online to earn the prospector trophies, even if just playing solo. 

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