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Is the Deviljho going to affect trophies???


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With a tiny bit of luck it could work out for the best. the gold crown trophy could be setup to pop at a certain number of gold crowns no matter if its DLC or not, its a slim chance but it would not be the first time something like that has taken place with DLC

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I was thinking they would do like Overwatch for example and have 2 or 3 "dlc" trophies for each new release. Probably just 2 one for getting Mini crown and one for King crown. Or they could add one for 50 hunts since that's when you stop getting more titles in your guild card for monsters, but that one's a stretch. Probably just the 2 crowns.

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We won't be able to say anything for sure until it actually happens. There's not been a prior MH game release on PS in this manner so we don't know what they'd do. 


Frontier G has like 15 dlc sets in it but if I remember reading right that had a subscription thing tied to it so I assume the dlc was set up different. 

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11 minutes ago, davidstubbs said:

I've got a bad feeling they aren't going to do any dlc trophies...

I think a large amount of the trophy hunters who are playing this game will see no issues with this call given how much stress and hate the gold crown trophies are causing them.

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