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Trophy List Analysis

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Well, the trophy list for this game has come out. What do you think about the trophies?


Me, I think it really depends on how much of a Shantae fan you are. The trophies for the Ultimate Edition are like night and day to the original edition and I am sort of glad I didn't jump into this because the Ultimate Edition trophy list, to me, is total garbage.


The list is a whole mess of miscellaneous trophies, and the one thing that killed my interest in this edition(and saved me money) is the trophy for completing Hardcore Mode. After seeing a playthrough of this mode, I am glad the original edition doesn't force you to play through that nightmare mode. Call me a coward, but I prefer to enjoy the game's difficulty and Hardcore mode is very difficult. Having to survive through all of the bosses in Hardcore mode for a trophy is not something I like to do. For RPGs, I'll forgive difficulty-related trophies because you can just over-level and have a safe health buffer. In action games like this, not so much since you have to be seriously precise to avoid getting a Game Over so many times you give up out of frustration. Any discussion on the trophies is welcome.

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If you prefer to enjoy a game, you shoudn’t worry to much about trophies and platinums.

Trophies are special stuff that you can do, although you are not obliged. If you’re a trophy hunter like me, you will do stupid things to get a stupid bronze trophy. If I think that requirement is out of my league, I’ll do all the others and, one day, I’ll try again.


Though there is one thing I believe you’re wrong: just because you think it’s insane by the look of it or the way people play the game, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. I never thought I could 100% Ducktales Remastered. At first, never thought I could finish it. After finishing it, never thought I could beat Extreme Difficulty. I can tell you I had to restart my first attempt from the beginning after completing 2 levels and I completed the game on Extreme on my second attempt. A lot of people said they Couldn’t do that trophy without trying harder.


So, basically, if you’re a trophy hunter, don’t expect that trophies are all equally easy or hard. It depends on each person, each effort and skill. If you practice, you’ll be better and the trophy will then be seen slightly easier.


Considering it’s a 50€ game, after this trophy list was released, I’ll buy this edition. It’s almost sure that I’ll spend more time in this edition than the original version.

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I think the trophies look super-tough and time consuming but the amount of content in this edition is superb so if you haven't played the original game yet then getting this will be well worth your money.


To help, I just put up a step-by-step Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough that you can use so you don't get lost while playing through the main mode. It's definitely one of those games where you can easily wander around aimlessly at parts without knowing what to do next so I hope my guide helps! ?

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It's not the main mode I'm worried about. It's all of the miscellaneous trophies and Hardcore Mode, which is far more dangerous. I am never a fan of having to complete crushing difficulties for a trophy. I put up with in some of my games because I love those games, but this is not just a difficulty spike, it's also a trolly move - you end up fighting spider women in Tassel Tower, when your first encounter with one in the original was the second part of Hypno Baron's castle, the second-to-last stage!

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Personally I prefer Pirate's Curse over 1/2 genie hero. Though I must admit a lot of this comes down to personal taste. If you are more of a mega-man fan, then 1/2 genie will probably appeal to you more. If you are more of a fan of SOTN then Pirate's Curse is likely to be more your style. I love both mega-man, and SOTN with a slight bias going to SOTN overall. So Pirate's Curse wins more in my book. To that end, I really wish I had got the platinum for Pirate's Curse rather than playing it on the 3DS.

Personally, I wouldn't go back for the stacks on this entry in the series unless there is a free PS5 upgrade and auto-popping. I'd sooner replay Pirate's Curse or delve into Risky's Revenge. Maybe when they release a re-balanced and enhanced version of Seven Sirens I'll give that a look as well. Either way, 1/2 genie is a fine game. Beautiful art and sprites. Worth checking out, and the platinum isn't overly difficult.

Now I'm off to platinum The Mummy Demastered.... WayForward is the best :D

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