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How to get your wife (or hubby) to game: a special thread to help leprodigalson


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Since you're fast becomming my main PC helpdesk this thread is for you  :lol:


Any and all can give tips here on how to get leprodigalson 's wife to start gaming. I'll start with these two top tips:

- Plants vs Zombies

- Pick a movie she likes and buy the matching Lego game (worked wonders with my wife ... thx Harry Potter Lego  :yay:  )

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Good luck. I once tried to get my wife to help with MW2's spec ops and it was a disaster.

I've learned that I can forget about anything that uses more than two buttons. She enjoys pacman and there was a Yoshi game for the Nintendo DS that she absolutely adored. She leans more toward casual gaming. I may take some of your advice for leprodigalson and see if she'd enjoy a Lego HP game, but it'll prolly end up with me playing it and her watching. :S

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This seems like a loaded question, not all girls are going to like the same games.  My GF enjoyed playing How To Train Your Dragon.  She also enjoyed playing BLOPS2, and would even play when I wasn't around.  The games she most enjoyed playing though, and ones that we worked on together, were Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

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I tried to get my missus into gaming with me a few times - I bought her Flower for the PS3 and even thought thats only a move the controller around game it didnt work.

So eventually I bought here a move set and the Sports Champions game, Everybodys Golf and High Velocity Bowling. She loves the table tennis in the Sports Champions but cant be arsed playing any of the rest of the games.

If only I could get a good table tennis game (ordinary tennis doesnt seem to cut the mustard either) then I am sure it would be well used.

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