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Invader Zim Thread


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I loved when the episodes would get intense like in Dark Harvest, when Zim was creeping from room to room stealing peoples organs. Germs was pretty grim, too. I made me ex-fiancé watch every episode of it. She loved in Mysterious Mysteries when Gir testified "I was a chubby lady hidin' in the bushes!"


 Other than Zim, there wasn't much else I liked, cartoon-wise... minus my personal nostalgic favorites, of course. The color schemes of Rugrats, Fairley Odd Parents, and even SpongeBob where so pastel and at times washed-out looking, that it made it disgusting to view, and those bloopy-bleepy soundtracks were just so offensive to my tympanic membrane that it made me sick to my stomach, if exposed to it too long. In contrast, Invader Zim was brilliantly, richly colored in deep, dark hues that were pleasing, and it's soundtrack was crisp and hateful, much more satisfying an experience!

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