Potential Huge Plat Time-Save Found?

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So I decided to try and plat this game on Vita and PS4 as I got it for free and as the main time-sink, the farming, can be done with minimal attention and effort.


The plan was to create all the custom planets needed, then farm the 1000 kills of the larger buildings before starting story mode on PS4 while farming kills on vita in the background.


Now for the interesting part. The trophy for 3000 kills popped on PS4 over 1000 kills early. I'd have thought that this was a glitched requirement under normal circumstances (especially as this game is not programmed well at all!) but instead of unlocking when I destroyed a building, it did so on the select planet screen.


This has lead me to think that kills are somehow shared between consoles if both are switched on / you are signed in at the same time. No idea how that would happen without cross-save but then this game is a mystery to begin with... :P



Edit: 30k trophy just popped at 26591. I've had more than 3k kills on vita since booting up the PS4 so I'm very confused right now! :P Maybe big buildings are worth double but the game doesn't tell you. Onwards to 50K!

Edit 2: 50k trophy popped at... 50k. I don't get it lol. Sure seems like this whole thing has been a blow out though.


I'm willing to bet there's a way to cheat the system somehow though, but hell if I'm gonna be the one to keep making alt accounts to test stuff on this piece of shit ;)

One piece of advice I can give to make this thread not totally pointless is to back out to the main menu every now and again when farming. Restarts will NOT save your progress and the game can crash, shocking no-one!

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I'm grinding on the ps4 and vita simultaneously, I haven't come across anything that would suggest the trophies pop early or late on either. I'm at finishing the level on the vita every 2k points and on the ps4 every 5k points to save my progress. Which takes about the same time. The vita version has crashed a few times, the ps4 version hasn't yet so far. All that's left for me is the 250k trophy for both versions, which will take a couple of days.


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