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Mandatory Trophy Thoughts


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So what do you guys think of the trophies? I played some of this game on pc and i can say its pretty much required to get 2 or more people for the a+ ranking. I dont think this was designed for single player but for co-op. Its hard enough just to pass the levels solo. let alone getting a+ ranks.

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Maybe two controllers? Thanks for calling attention to this game OP. Looks good. 


1 hour ago, Phil said:

Just my two sense. 


Usually its two cents. But in your case sense works...

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6 hours ago, Phil said:


You know, it's really not mandatory to make these threads. In fact, most of the people I know see it as attention whoring. Who can rush to make these stupid threads first. How about, I don't know, be useful? I know, foreign concept, right? Why don't you boneheads post a video on some gameplay and talk about it? Since the game is brand new and nobody, or very few people have played it on this platform, asking what people think of the trophies is pointless.


Just my two sense. 

its a thing since 19 oct 2017. Maybe not on PlayStation. But i don't see how it matters. And I've actually played this for a couple of hours on pc so i actually gave my thoughts on it as someone who has played some of it. This is the second time i make this kinda thread since my account creation 2 years ago. I don't see why you need to personally attack people. These threads are gonna pop up anyway for most games. No need to get angry over it.

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On 8/13/2018 at 8:52 AM, PerryToxteth said:


Relax dude!


OP actually gave some info on the game. Said it requires 2+ players to perfect levels. That's helpful information for people with zero knowledge of the game.

Easiest thing for you to do to not get all worked up, is to NOT click on any topic that's titled "Trophy Thoughts." :P


Yeah, that is good to know, as it's on sale right now, I was going to grab it.

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