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Hello everyone!! :)


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Hi, I finally registered. ?  Me and my friend have been coming here for a while to look up games. We play a lot of coop games. I am not very good at games like call of duty but I will play them. I love zombie games. Resident Evil are some my favorite..  I also love the Mass Effect games ?


Started my first year of college 


I play on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.


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¡Hola! Welcome to the forums.


Since everyone above is in the mood of recommending zombie games, I'll go ahead and recommend Dead Nation if you're looking to have a fun experience blasting hundreds of zombies on screen from a top isometric perspective. Highly recommend playing that one with a good partner/buddy/friend to amp up on the killing. EDIT: Btw play on Morbid or Undead difficulty levels for some extra fun ^^


Hope you have a good, happy time around here! :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I played one of the Deadrising games on xbox. It was really hard lol. I got stuck at the second mission. I was getting attacked by someone in a car. Was Dying Light a free plus game? I might have that one.

I have Dead Island but its for ps3. I never really played much of it. But I did like what I played. I will have to check out Dead Nation. I have been playing Strange Brigade which is fun if your playing with friends. We have PSVR too and Rush of Blood is really good.

I also can't wait for the new Tomb Raider


Thanks again

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