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% risk that trophies are bugged

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1 hour ago, Ck__Wu__91 said:

In according to psn profile guide the trophies have a chance to be bugged.

How many players have reported this issue? There is also a topic that say there is a permanent regen glitch that afflict the game.

Have u ever had problems with trophies?

I know someone who never experimented any problem with trophies in FF XII and have the platinum, I think the bugge trophies are just some enemies kill and story related. You can always create a save after start a new chapter or after finish a main quest or whatever method FF XII use to be sure. If you don't like the idea of bugged trophies you always can let it in your backlog.

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So far no issues. Nice and smooth. I dont know if i can do the plat though, I been trying the Mist Walker trophy and RNG is just not on my damn side. I cant get Lumi, dont even want to think about Black Hole....This is gonna suck if I can get everything except performing these last 2 concurrences.

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