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I think Lego Dimensions is a solid game. Before buying Dimensions, you'll need to understand it's quite a financial investment if you're looking to 100% this title. You'll need all the story and level packs (13 of those) in addition to the base game, and a number of additional characters beyond these packs. If you're looking for the least expensive route to earn 100%, then you can just buy the necessary tag base discs on eBay, for instance. Yes, you need the USB Portal Base to play Dimensions. So, no, it's not too late...


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for the starter set. the price is around 35$ (it's out of print) unless you can find a used set with everything included ebay may be a cheaper option than amazon (they seem to have alot of token tags for characters).


DLC sets could help immensely as it can help speed along portions of the game or unlock new areas. though the 13 DLC sets don't come cheap when i collected them a year ago sets ranged from 5$ to 30$. ebay might be a better option too since they sell the character tags and gadget/vehicle blank tags. i would avoid the ps3 version it's unstable in some parts of the game (glitchy mess).


overall it's worth the cost and as one has put. it's a costly investment. spent well over 200$ collecting the DLC.

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I want to buy the game and get 100% but just the trophies list. Not the 1016 goldbricks or more things. So yes problably i will buy just DLC list because if you see you just need collect 1 minikit ou something like that. It´s easy but yes,will be little expensive.



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If you can obtain Supergirl and Wicked Witch, your ride to 100% will be much smoother. In my opinion, Supergirl is the best character in the game. 


In addition to the three base mini-figures, having Supergirl, Wicked Witch, Dr. Who, Abby Yates, Ethan Hunt, Newt Scamander, a character that can break rainbow bricks, and the DeLorean available from the start gives you access to most of the game’s hidden areas in the base and expansion sets. 


Some of the hidden areas where the mini-kits are located are surprisingly creative and well-crafted. While it’s totally fine to pursue just the 100%, having only the base characters makes probably 40% of the level content inaccessible. Sometimes these “hidden” areas have even another additional layer beyond them. The game has a surprising amount of depth locked behind characters with unique abilities, some of whom are available only in the Team and Fun packs. 

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I put together a collection of all the DLC packs that had trophies tied to them and the only additional character I purchased was Wicked Witch, who I played as 75% of the time. Having a flying character, especially one with explosive skills, greatly reduces your level time and makes the one base game time trial trophy a breeze. 

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On 22/2/2019 at 8:49 PM, Meatball841 said:

Should I buy this/ can I get the DLC packs without the Sets? Do I need the large portal thing to play the game? I love lego games and wanted to play this one but never got around to it. Is it too late for me?



I am playing now, 12 hours, and is the best LEGO I've played so far. Is not only about the quality of the content and gameplay, is a LEGO game, but every collectible, puzzle, cinematic, scene, etc, is pure nostalgia and a pop culture parade full of easter eggs. So well crafted.

I have the 13 DLC, but I am considering to get all the other tags, maybe some sets, of fun and team packs to visit the Hubs. Man... what a shame that they decided to unlock the content in that way. This game is not only for kids, is for people over 30 and 40. Some of the franchises... they are too old for people born in the 2000's. Even for the 90's. 

Get at least the Starter Pack and download all the free DLC, you will need the tags at least anyway to unlock it, before they take them away from the Store. The only way to have access to that content in when you are inside the game. It is hidden in the Store. You need the game to have access. Not on Xbox, you can put it in your library even if you do not have the disc.

Go for it. You won't regret. Is a trip to my childhood (I am 37). I am enjoying this a lot. And I was not expecting that. Go to Bricklink and buy at least the tags for the packs if you want the 100% of the content and/or Trophies. For the 100% trophies, you will need the Starter Pack and the 13 DLC tags. 

:) My favorite LEGO game so far.

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