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No "I" in "TEAM"


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4 matches, 4 losses, and why? Because every idiot person on every match, couldn't care less about teamwork. All they cared about was thier own personal score. They play it like it's Uncharted. This is NOT a run 'n' gun. I lost count of the amount of times I crawled over to an ally for them to revive me, only for them to ignore me and leave me for dead. Yet I went out of my way to revive THEM!! The Last of Us multiplayer is a basis for some real teamwork but people just don't give a s***.


What I need, is a team. A REAL team. People who will work together. Anyone up for that? I have a mic. (I'm guessing voice chat will only be heard by teammates, not the opposing team right?)


Post here and add me on PSN if you want to TEAM up and work as a TEAM. (No blank invites. They'll be declined)


"TEAM, TEAM, TEAM. I even like saying the word "Team". There's no room for people who can't work as a TEAM on my TEAM."

(props for identifying where this quote is from ;) )

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I'm usually the one who runs off on my own - lol. But for more or less the same reason you just stated; a majority of the people online are incredibly useless to work with anyway. I usually do fantastic lone wolfing, but I'm cool with doing some team based games to mix things up.

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I know how you feel I don't think they realise its not about how many people you kill it's which team dies first or loses all their lives, it's annoying when they leave you to die and try and kill the other team but then they die, what people should do is try to get to cover and revive first if its possible.

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Im down to have an actual team to play with..its annoying when they just run pass you and dont even try to revive you...I also found out you can heal our people which i did not know..still dont know how to do it haha...was in a group where we won 4 games straight and they were healing each other..only time ive seen it

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