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Planescape Torment Trophy Thoughts


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Pretty excited, as it's one of my favourite games ever and I haven't done a playthrough in well over ten years.


The trophies are pretty much like... read a lot. It doesn't look like a one playthrough plat though as there's a lot of trophies related to messing around with alignments and factions. Still, I think it's a good list as it'll get you to experience pretty much all the content the game has to offer.

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Very easy Plat.   Can be all played on easy difficulty.  Here s a mini guide to the Dakkon blade/ alignment/ level 12 class trophies.  Spoilers.



I would say the most efficient way to run this trophy list is to play neutral fighter and make a dedicated save right before you teleport to ravel.  Dont talk to dakkon, and don t talk to the sick npc next to the foundry, or any other gith etc that look like dakkon. Run the game neutral to the end and collect all endgame trophies.  Need 24 wisdom at the end.  Should get neutral ending and neutral blade along the way.   The Blade will upgrade alignment for trophy requirements when dakkon hits  levels 4, 7 and 10 is where the trophy pops.  Then reload save, start as level 1 mage, and learn the path of zerthamon(need wis and int both 19 or higher).  This will put the Blade in the highest honor point.  Run game until mage hits level 12 and dakkon hits level 10( i only have morte and dakkon to maximise xp).  Reload save, level 1 thief, and head to the woman at the foundry gate.   Tell dakkon to not help the woman, then reengage and make it painful  Interact with the gith to the right and refer to dakkon disparagingly and same with ravel to unlock kinslayer at the next unlock stage(levels 4,7, or 10).  Do not talk of zerthimon.   Keep playing until level 12 thief and level 10 dakkon.    Restart game, and get the lawful, good,  chaos +chaos faction trophies in a couple of 30 min runs.  Evil comes after killing several innocents in the streets and takes about 30 sec with a high level fighter.  Specific actions for alighnment changes are in the wiki.  https://torment.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Alignment_guides . 





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