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100th Game trophy


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9 minutes ago, russelguppy said:

Je viens de commencer le jeu et j'ai joué plus de 150 jeux sans l'éteindre et 100 trophées ne sont toujours pas apparus, supprimant la sauvegarde et réessayant demain. 


On dirait que vous devez faire 100 sans aller au menu principal et juste faire un match revanche peut-être?


De toute façon très ennuyeux .....


yes, you have to replay 100 times without going through the menu ... well, that's how I got the trophy

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On 05/12/2020 at 11:58 AM, LunchCannon54 said:

I just got it and I idled for most of it without even launching the ball choosing rematch as soon as the game ended. There's no score requirement or even a requirement to launch the ball. Anyone not unlocking it by the 100 game mark is probably experiencing a glitch.

It’s the last trophy I need for 100% trophies on that game. It’s an easy 100% tbh, as long as the trophies don’t glitch on you, hopefully doesn’t happen to me.

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