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Final Fantasy XIV: ARR - Where do you play?

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I know there are a few FF XIV posts already, but I figured that if we had a thread just for people to call out their servers and character names we could get an idea of who is where and maybe make some in-game allies in the process :lol:


So if you are interested, call out your server, character name and Main Class in this thread.


I'll go first:


Server: Phoenix (EU)

Character Name: Crekmore Fordelaire

Main Class: Pugilist


If anyone is adventuring on the Phoenix server, feel free to say hello. I'm always up for chatting, adventuring and generally having fun :)

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Server: Odin (EU)

IGN: Tiia Kk

Main Class: Thaumaturge


KingBaku, maybe you should hit me up in game :)

Sure bro, the more the better, ill hit ya up when I get home, at work at the moment :/

Also we are getting our players assembled for the creation of the order :P

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I deleted my character and started a new one in Ragnarok (EU). The name is still Griff Illwind but my class is Lancer now 


What!? haha come to Adamantoise!

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already in Ragnarok. plus by the time they release the world transfer (which you have to pay for)  I will have caught up to my old character 


aww alright buddy. it is a small world afterall, maybe I end up in a light party with you with the duty finder!!! Ill remember your name.

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